What We Offer


We have access to hundreds of mutual fund and segregated fund options which offer you flexibility and choice in managing risk, building a diversified portfolio, and planning for your life’s goals whatever they may be.


Life Insurance – We know you work hard to protect what you value most in life, especially when it comes to providing for your family. That’s why we offer a variety of life insurance options through different carriers. You can have peace of mind knowing that those you love will be taken care of.

Critical Illness – Focus on your recovery knowing that you have money to help with your expenses if you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

Disability Insurance – With Disability Income Insurance, you can rest assured knowing your income is protected in the event of unexpected illness or injury.

Retirement Planning

The primary objective of retirement planning is to ensure that you have adequate income to support your lifestyle after you retire. We help each client plan for their retirement by carefully designing and monitoring an individualized investment and tax minimization plan. Implementing a comprehensive and detailed retirement plan will make your retirement years as comfortable as possible.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning services focus on anticipating the most effective way to transition the ownership of your personal assets and business assets while maximizing your personal financial security. Our clients have the confidence of knowing that through estate planning, they can eliminate uncertainties and minimize challenges faced by loved ones after they are gone.

Giving (Wiser Wealth Charitable Foundation)

Giving back is important to many of our clients. From meeting unmet needs in your community, to giving back to causes you care about, we give you the tools and resources to take action — and create impact. Part of what makes us unique is our commitment to donating. We as a team donate 10% of our profits into the Wiser Wealth Charitable Foundation along with some of our clients. We feel giving back to our community is important and not only do we encourage our clients to give back, but we also lead the way.

The Wiser Advantage

Wiser Wealth Management

Our team at Wiser Wealth is dedicated to helping you build a unique portfolio to achieve your financial goals.

We take a proactive approach to manage any unexpected life events and provide objective recommendations to help you gain financial freedom.

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